Dedicated Fleet

Case Study #2: Dedicated Fleet

Customer wanted a full service provider to centralize and standardize transportation services under a strict timeline.

Primary issues:

  • High price for dedicated service
  • Multiple service providers
  • Decentralized communication
  • Deficient service levels
  • Unstandardized billing


  • One service provider
  • One way pricing
  • Improved service levels to 98% on time
  • Project fully implemented on time
  • POD received within 24 hours
  • Standardized procedures and location management


In 2015 we began a 6 month integration strategy of freight management with dedicated fleets for the client’s regional distribution centers (RDC).

The project was divided into three phases — East, Central, and West. During the East phase we brought on 1 night operator, 1 dedicated billing specialist, 3 RDC on-site managers, and 22 dedicated trucks. During the Central phase, we brought in another night operator, 1 project manager, 3 RDC on-site managers and 16 dedicated trucks. During the West phase, 2 RDC on-site managers came on board, as well as, 16 dedicated trucks.

Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures started at inception and continue to be an integral part of the organized culture of this business model.

Acquiring the freight management of 10 RDC’s proved extremely successful. P&S became the single source provider for dedicated and irregular runs. Proactive service management through excellent communication built strong service confidence levels at the RDC and branch levels. Efficient, single source billing delivers accurate payables. Consistent and improving KPI’s confirm continued improvement and competence.

Not only did service greatly improve with centralization and standardization, the client has also shown reduction in transportation costs.

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