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We offer a comprehensive transportation and logistics solution customized for each customer.

Our list of services include…


Order Consolidation & Optimization     Track & Trace Shipments     Automatic Carrier Invoicing & Settlements     Extensive & Flexible Reporting

Carrier Procurement & Management     Multi-modal Management     Consolidated Billing     Warehousing & Inventory Management

Load Tendering     Dedicated Transportation     POD Auditing     Transloading


Supply Chain Management with
24/7 Service and Cutting Edge Technology


Manage any Mode: Truck, LTL, Parcel, Rail, Air, Water

Our leading technology increases real-time transparency, facilitates faster decision making, and ensures safety of key assets. We currently utilize FMS, McLeod, Mercury Gate, and OTM.

Carrier Management and Procurement

Sellers 3PL will manage and procure carriers based on your business rules and needs. Through our discovery phase, we learn which carriers have earned your loyalty and work with them to provide you a seamless transition to a 3PL. We negotiate with quality service providers in an attempt to maintain service levels, while saving you money. We fill in service gaps with new carriers as needed through our extensive carrier network. We work in conjunction with our affiliates when their participation benefits your business.

Load Tendering

Rules are customized to fit your needs and customer service objectives by any combination of price, loads per time period commitment, carrier past performance, and shipment priority.

You will be given your own password and access to be able to easily track any shipment 24/7.

Track and Trace

We follow through with our carrier partners and keep our system current with pickup and delivery times of all of your shipments.

With EDI capable carriers, we are able to import tracking information into our system. Automated tracking is also possible using cell phone and satellite technology.

Automatic email alerts can be set up and sent to designated recipients to be notified of shipment delays and delivery times.

POD Retrieval

Carriers confirm payable amount and upload POD’s in order to start their payment cycle.

Your customer service and sales can retrieve proof of delivery documents 24/7.


We provide estimating and modeling for transportation lanes. We know that getting accurate rates back from carriers is often very time consuming and tricky. By establishing good relationships with reliable carriers and communicating all potential special requirements of loads, we will receive the most accurate cost estimation for your project.


Carrier vendor compliance begins with a carrier that meets initial qualifications as laid out by the customer.  Securing a Carrier Profile, Transportation Agreement, COI for Auto, Cargo and Worker’s Comp (W/C waiver for carriers without W/C coverage), Authority, and W-9 the carrier is approved and added to our system.  Our system interfaces with carrier monitoring systems for safety monitoring. The carrier pool is monitored daily to the safety parameters determined by the customer.  Notification of any failure of a carrier to maintain the safety parameters is sent by e-mail and the carrier is disabled in the system from further tenders.

Claims Management

Contracting and the monitoring of correctly issued Certificate of Insurance is the first crucial step in claims management process. Managing, storing, and updating the contract and Certificates of Insurance as required is accomplished through the use of existing document and data base systems.

Dedicated Transportation

For regular daily and weekly lanes, consider a dedicated fleet, especially if capacity is a concern. We can manage your own assets, or partner with our asset affiliates.

Warehousing and Transloading

Storage and mode change is available at select locations.

Efficient Billing Capabilities

Sellers 3PL offers paperless summary invoicing customized to reference any of your internal document numbers. We have flexible carrier payment terms to fit your business model.

Consolidated Invoicing
Carrier Settlements
Customer Financing Solutions

Extensive Custom and Canned Reporting

Our reporting capabilities are extremely flexible. We customize reports to fit the specific needs of our clients. Some of our standard monthly reports include: freight and fuel costs per weight, on-time pickup/delivery, invoice timeliness and accuracy, POD receipt, and carrier late reasons. We have a dedicated reporting specialist and an industrial engineer on staff to help create and analyze all of your reporting needs.

On-Site Presence

Our web-based technology allows our employees to work from anywhere. However, sometimes it makes business sense to have on-site presence. On-site personnel builds trust, improves communication, and helps blend business cultures.

EDI Integration

Our IT department has a dedicated EDI team. We can integrate systems via FTP, SFTP, or AS2. Any of our systems are EDI compatible and can be synced with many platforms including OTM, in house systems, and SAP.