About Us

Customer Testimonial

“We work with every division of PS Logistics and their shared management Team.  With a volatile and ever changing market—it’s essential to have logistics partners that understand this volatility and how to react to bring us service, value, and savings.  PS Logistics has worked hard to understand our business, bring efficiency and value to our organization.  This commitment to continuous improvement is evident throughout the entire organization and illustrated daily by our interaction with the PS Logistics Leadership Team.   Having that top level communication channel allows us to make fact and solution driven decisions and changes effectively and collaboratively.  Due to this collaborative partnership, we eliminate the common industry bureaucracy and move promptly to take advantage of these value gains and improvements.  PS Logistics not only strives to understand our business, but to stay out in front of market changing conditions that may impact our industry while offering solutions to address these challenges.”
~~Barry Gipson, MRC Global

About Sellers 3PL

Sellers 3PL is a true third party logistics service provider. We reduce costs and operations supervision, as well as, increase transportation efficiency and visibility. Our industry knowledge and tools allow us to efficiently manage and negotiate with carriers. Our TMS is a best in class, leading technology that increases real-time transparency, facilitates faster decision making, and ensures safety of key assets. Our system and processes drive value and reduce costs.

Sellers 3PL is part of a family of companies operating under the parent company of PS Logistics. We thrive under the PS Logistics umbrella, as each company operates hand-in-hand like divisions. We share common ownership, executive management, and back office support.  PS Logistics was founded in 2004 as P&S Transportation. The owners had a unique vision. They wanted to “Set the Driver Up to Win”. They did just that. By investing in their employees and industry leading technology, they built a strong foundation for an industry leading flatbed transportation company that has grown with their customers into a total logistics solution.

A few of P&S Transportation’s early clients had some trouble managing carriers and keeping tabs on their transportation visibility. Sellers 3PL was then born. It was apparent that the needs of the few were felt by many. The services portfolio continues to grow with the growth of our customers.

Sellers 3PL is unique, as it is backed by their asset sister trucking companies. They collectively operate over 2,000 trucks and provide complimentary services such as flatbed transportation, owner operator opportunities, full-service brokerage, lease purchase programs for drivers, supply chain, third party logistics, refrigerated transportation, bulk and scrap hauling, and partnership customers. This helps us guarantee you capacity. Keep in mind we manage carriers based on our client’s business rules. If one of our sister companies is a top tier carrier, that’s great! If not, that’s okay too. Your carriers must make sense for your business.

Not only do we provide transportation management, our list of services include: Dedicated truck fleets, warehousing, transloading, carrier management, carrier procurement, efficient billing, extensive reporting, on-site personnel, EDI integration, and continuous improvement.